From the Forest Radio Show: Episode 2 Winter Focus

From the Forest Radio Show

I have become a presenter on One World Music Radio with a one-hour show called “From the Forest” which I’ve uploaded here for you. This is the second of a regular series of shows for the station. This episode celebrates winter in The New Forest.

From the Forest is a unique radio show that brings the wellness benefits of a forest direct to you wherever you are. The concept is simple; we wander together through England’s beautiful New Forest — the place I call home — accompanied by immersive, organic ambient music and soundscapes that I’ve created, inspired by each of the locations we visit. The show promotes mindfulness and the chance to connect with nature through sound. I look forward to welcoming you along.

One World Music Radio can be reached HERE. They have lots of shows covering many different genres for you to enjoy, and are the number one radio station in Europe for the genres covered.

Episode One of my From the Forest series can be found on New Forest Sounds HERE

In case you’re interested, I’ve produced an album called A Forest in Winter. It’s available from all the main digital retailers and streaming services. Here’s a link to it that gives you the choice of listening to it on a variety audio platforms: A Forest in Winter

A Forest of Masts

Soundscape Recording

On a windy day, the forest of masts at Lymington yacht marina create their own mournful musical composition, as the breeze blows the metal rigging wires against the aluminium masts on dozens of moored yachts. At times, the wind itself also joins in to add its own, almost voice-like, drone to the proceedings.

Gently Falling Leaves

Ambient Music Composition

Imagine yourself deep in one of The New Forest’s beautiful ancient woodlands under majestic old oak and beech trees. It’s a perfectly still Autumn afternoon, and all around you, leaves are gently and silently falling to create a thick, golden carpet on the forest floor.

Here’s 14 minutes of relaxing ambient bliss from New Forest Sounds.