Hello, my name’s Clive. The New Forest is my home and it’s where I pursue my audio hobby. I carry a portable sound recorder with me wherever I go and I’ve recorded many of the sounds that I hear – the sounds of my forest. The woods, the birds, the streams, the sounds of the villages and the natural rhythms of this beautiful National Park. These are my soundscapes. I also sculpt pieces of sound from field recordings captured in the forest that I manipulate into new things. I call these my Sound Art pieces. Finally, I compose 100% forest-inspired ambient music. The recordings on this website are my New Forest sound story. Everything that you hear is my own work.

Sound is a lovely and luxurious thing, and the purpose of this website is to enable you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of The New Forest, even if you can’t get here to enjoy it in person. My mission is simple. It’s to try to bring the New Forest to you, a sound at a time, wherever you are!

I hope you enjoy listening.


The Three Types of Sounds That You’ll Find Here

Sounds recorded in The New Forest. From bubbling streams to birdsong. From wide soundscapes to tiny, close up sounds. I bring the forest to you.


Sonic compositions built from the sounds of The New Forest and re-imagined as unusual and interesting new pieces of sound art to enjoy.

Sound Art

Nature-inspired ambient music combining sounds captured in The New Forest, with gentle, quiescent musical compositions. Ideal for relaxing.

Ambient Music