A Pillow of Clouds

Ambient Music Composition

Have you ever laid on your back in a quiet natural environment on a summer’s day and looked up at the clouds drifting by? I think that they’re endlessly fascinating. I remember thinking how they sometimes resemble soft pillows and set about trying to compose something to reflect that with this work that also features some backwards sound elements.

Mist Over the Moor

Ambient Music Composition

It’s a new morning, and we’re on Whitfield Moor. It’s a huge, flat expanse of grass where ponies are quietly grazing in the early morning. The first light of the sun is creating a soft, pink light today and a low mist is hanging suspended in the still air just above the grass, in thin wispy lines as the sun filters magically through it. It’s ethereal… and kind of melancholy too. Stay for a while and experience ‘Mist on the Moor’…


Ambient Music Composition

A gentle ambient music piece that combines a forest stream with a soft Fender Rhodes electric piano composition. This was recorded on a pair of linked, vintage valve Brenell and Ferrograph, early 1960’s tape recorders connected together by a loop of tape to form a time lag accumulation tape delay (a technique from the world of 1960’s experimental tape music). The intention here was to try to create music to capture the way that ripples in the forest stream sparkle and dance in the morning sunlight.

In a Bluebell Wood

Ambient music composition.

An ambient music composition. The natural soundscape of a bluebell wood recorded near New Park Manor in The New Forest, is combined here with an electric piano fed through a pair of Uher reel-to-reel tape recorders to create a softly disintegrating analogue tape echo. The piece aims to evoke the gentle movement of the bluebells in the Spring breeze.