Copyright in the Recordings

Gaining my Permission for Usage

On occasions, I may allow recordings to be used for worthwhile projects that I am interested in. The first step to gaining approval for use is to contact me using the form on this site. Until I have given written permission, then any use is strictly prohibited and all the recordings are protected by copyright laws.

For your reference, if the use that you have in mind is non-commercial, and I formally agree to it first, then I may then grant you a Creative Commons Licence. This would then allow you to re-use those recordings according to clearly defined conditions which I have detailed below. This licence will not be granted for any commercial use, but I shall be pleased to discuss commercial opportunities for the works with you.

For avoidance of doubt then:

  1. Contact me first to discuss usage. The material is all copyright protected. Do not use anything until I give written permission.
  2. If non-commercial and I agree to it first, then I may grant you a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives-4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Here is a link to the non-commercial licence that I may grant to you:

Two important aspects of the licence: first, you must attribute any recordings used to New Forest Sounds.

Second, the non-commercial part of the licence means you can’t use the recordings for any purpose where you’re seeking to make a profit or expecting to be paid. Please don’t disregard that rule.