A Forest in Winter – Ambient Album

In case you might be interested, I thought I’d let you know that there’s an album of my ambient music out on general release, and inspired by the beautiful New Forest in winter; the frosty mornings, the mists rising gently above the moors in early morning with the soft wintery sun trying its best to break through and so much more. It’s quite a magical landscape at times.

The album contains some of the pieces that I’ve edited, renamed and used here and there across the New Forest Sounds website. It brings together 12 tracks and aims to offer a gentle natural vibe. Perhaps you may find it nice background music whilst you’re engaged in other things around the house? It’s made to be unobtrusive and to simply add an enjoyable ambient, forest-inspired audio tint to your world, wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing.

The Album Cover

Anyway, it’s available to stream in all the usual places such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google play and so on. Here’s a link to many of the places that you can find it: